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Spend an Average of 10,000 Euros on Online Shopp Every Day. The €100 Million Value Refers Strictly to E-retail, I.e. Physical (Tangible) Products Order Online. Does Not Include Services, Utility Bill Payments, Air Tickets, Vacations, Hotel Reservations, Tickets to Shows or Various Events, Downloadable Content, Etc. If We Add These in, the Total Value of Online Shopp Increases Significantly. Romanian E-commerce Market E-commerce Sh of Total Retail Sales in 018: Increas by Approx.

Romania’s E-commerce Market

Has an Annual Growth Rate of 100%, One of the Largest Growth Rates at Eu Level. The E-commerce Market is Valu at Approx. In the Overall Retail Market. , Higher Than New Zealand Mobile Number List the Year. However,  to Develop Countries, but Shows the Huge Growth Potential of the Romanian E-commerce Market. Ceo & Founder Year Has en a Brilliant Year for Romanian Online Commerce.

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With Significant Growth of Approx

Hav Grown Year-on-year, Sales in E-retail Alone (Exclud Services) Reach the €100 Million Threshold. This is a Huge Leap That Demonstrates Romanians’ Grow Interest in Online Shopp and, Most Importantly, the Potential for Domestic E-commerce to Accelerate Growth, Said Founder and Ceo Andre Radu. He Add: Even Though Romania Has Not Yet Reach the Level of Other Mature Canadian phone number list Markets in Europe, by 00, Our Market Size Will Reach More Than 100 Million Euros, and Its Growth Rate and Growth Potential Cannot Ignor. For Years, It Has en the Most Important E-commerce Event in Romania, Which Centralizes.



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