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On the Romanian E-commerce Market Every Year. Here Are the Key Figures and Statistics From the Year That Just End. Accord to the Latest Report of the Unit Nations (Unit Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs), Romania’s Population Decreas From 10,000 Residents in 007 to 10,000 Residents in 018. Accord to the Latest Report From the National Bureau of Statistics in the First Quarter of This Year, There Are More Than 10,000 Internet Users. Statistics Show That the.

Internet Penetration Rate Has

Increas Slightly Year-on-year, With Fix Broadband Internet Connections in the Thousands (Year-on-year Increase) and Mobile Broadband Internet Oman Phone Number List Connections. Therefore, the Fix Internet Penetration Rate Per Household is Approx. , Mobile Internet Penetration Rate Per Resident. Of Urban Internet Users Shop Online at Least Once a Month. Solution Research Company.

Phone Number List

Together With a Market Research

Company, Conduct a Survey of Internet Users in 018. The Sample Was a Representative Sample of Cities Divid by Age, Gender, Town Size and Region. . Research Shows That , of Urban Internet Users Shop Online at Least Once a Month, and Most of Them Are tween 0 and 0 Cayman Islands phone number list Years Old. Online Shoppers Visit 7 Stores Per Year, With a Frequency of 3 Times Per Week, While Non-shoppers Visit 3 Online Stores in a Month.



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