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Basket Ranges From Ron to Ron, a Slight Increase Compar to the Previous Year Remains a Major Trend in 019, and This Trend Will Continue in 00. Romania’s Main Online Stores Have Seen a Significant Increase in Traffic Generat by Mobile Devices: Approximately 10% of Website Visits Come From Mobile Rather Than Desktop, a Figure That is Higher Than Last Year. Millennials Push This Ratio Even Higher, With Most Young People Access the Internet Directly Through Their.

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Desktop Devices. For Online Stores With Dicat Mobile Apps, Mobile Devices Already han Desktop Devices. On the Other Hand, for Mobile-friendly Online Stores Poland Phone Number List Access Through a Browser, the Conversion Rate on Mobile Devices is Still Half That of Desktop. An Increas Numr of Romanian Online Stores Have Understood This Trend and Optimiz Their Websites for Mobile Devices, but Poor Mobile Theme Optimization Result in Long Load Times Remains a Major Challenge for Most Domestic.

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Online Stores Low Prices the Reputation

of the Store and the Shortest Possible Delivery Time Are the Main Factors in Mak a Purchase Decision. Accord to Research by and ); Minimum Delivery Costa Rica phone number list Time; Clarity and Quality of Website Information; Website Ergonomics (Ease of Navigation and Purchase Process and Website Aesthetics); Loyalty Policy of the Online Store.



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