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About This Year; and It Seems That the Growth Rate of Online Payments is Even Higher Than the Growth Rate of E-commerce! As in Previous Years, Still Remains the Most Popular Product Category Among Romanians, but Significant Growth Has Also en Seen in the Home Decoration and auty Sectors. Unfortunately, Another Th That Hasn’t Chang in 017 is That Romanians Still Pay Higher Fees to Merchants Outside of Romania. A Very Important Point About M-commerce is How.

We Define M-commerce in the First Place

Traffic to E-commerce Sites Has Inde Grown Exponentially, but Payments Have Not Grown at the Same Rate. Romanians Love to Search and Comp Prices and Specifications on the Internet, but Only a Third of Romanians Pay via Mobile Phone, Also cause Enter Card Data on the Way to the Office is Quite Difficult. Instead, Everyth comes Easier if You Can Pay With Just One Click. Only a Third of Bulgaria Phone Number List Romanians Pay via Mobile Phone. Currently, Romanian Merchants Register With the System Receive Orders From Payers From 30 Countries. Although Many People Will Associate This With the Fact That Romanians Immigrate, Data Shows That From Romania the Countries With the Most Orders Are Estonia, Lithuania and Finland, Countries Where Romanian Immigrants Are Less Popular. Many Online Stores Are.

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Consider International Expansion, and the Chances

Of Success Are Very High: in 018, Global Cross-border E-commerce Was Worth Trillions of Dollars, and the European E-commerce Market Potential Reach Hundrs of Billions of Dollars. Trends of the Year Digital Agencies Ne to Prepar for Publish by George Harry Popescu Clients Are Increasly Demand That Brands Adopt Personaliz Market Strategies. Social Mia Today Cote d’Ivoire phone number list Highlights Five Trends That Digital Agencies Ne to Pay Attention to in 00. Consumers Respond tter to Unfilter Moments ohenticity Than to Thoughtful Content. Generic Photos Purchas From a Database Won’t Excite Customers. They Want a More Personal Relationship With a Brand, So They Appreciate Unfilter Images Without Special Effects. Storytell is More Important Than Ever Gone Are the Days When You Could Hire Any Copywriter to Create Content. Professional Storytellers and Even Journalists Are Increasly Call Upon These Days, Especially Since Many Former Journalists Are Look to Reposition.



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