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Online stores received the highest average, with . Read details on Trusted Blog The Influencer Digital Expo has been launched by Founder Digital Agency, the first marketplace in Romania that connects brands, agencies (communications, digital, marketing) and influencers. Aims to change the way promotions are organized with influencers and automate the process. Use the database of more than 100 of the most important Romanian influencers: from artists, music groups, athletes and models. The online platform uses an algorithmic system based on artificial intelligence to provide.

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Access to the most suitable mix between influencers, target objectives and allocated budgets to achieve the best results for their campaigns in the online environment. Read more from Forbes Also read: Black Friday looks promising, metal box packaging, card Iceland Phone Number List payments ramp up for door-to-door deliveries, trucks, foray into new era News this week News this week View article Previous article Conversions for online fashion stores Rate Optimization Tips Robert Johnson Interview.

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Ticket Discounts! Post a comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked Comment Involv in the Way of Segmentation, and in the Near Future We Will Rely More on Machine Segmentation Rather Than Human Segmentation as Far as Bolivia phone number list Machine Learn is Concern Words, and Are Already Us This Technology for Segmentation, and Since Romanians Are Consider Early Adopters, We Will Soon See More Initiatives in This Regard Here as Well. The Cost of Acquisition of the Video Will Ruc, and the Background Will Similar to What’s Happen in Television.



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