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Will not be made public. Required fields are marked Comments Winners, Black Friday Digital, Impact Expo Published on 2019-01-07 George Harry Popescu Winners The 2018 Annual E-Commerce Awards Gala was held on the evening of 2018-01-08 during a hosted awards ceremony. Awards are one of the most popular in the Romanian online world, as our awards are awarded on the basis of merit and are the result of continuous effort, responsibility and behavior. At, prizes are not available for purchase.

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First day? How was the first day? The Black Friday sales record has been announced. On the 24th, as soon as the Black Friday madness started, Romania published the first data (data for the time interval): Transaction volume: Leu, Year-on-year growth  Number of Denmark Phone Number List transactions via lei during the period: ; Transactions registered during the period Product  Category: , fashion  Average shopping basket value: lei  Maximum transaction amount registered on the Romanian platform: lei, from Romania.

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According to the website’s data, Romanians’ holiday shopping intentions are as follows: ▷ This Christmas, netizens on average plan to buy gifts for at least one person, especially for close relatives and distant family members. ▷ of respondents want to buy gifts for family Australian phone number list members, with an average value of RON. ▷ Recent respondents consider cost-effectiveness when choosing products and hope to bring joy to their loved ones through high-quality gifts. ▷ This Christmas, Internet users spend an average of RON on gifts for their loved ones. The amount increased nearly compared with last year. What would happen.



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