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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked Comments Black Friday: Yearly and Monthly Ticket Discounts! Published on ddandre Ladue We’re continuing a tradition we started last year by bringing you the second edition of Black Friday. Today only, the evening of 2020, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets for 2020 at a discounted price without knowing any of the speakers, event formats or topics discussed. All you know at this point is: 2020 will mark our anniversary as the most important e-commerce event in Central and Eastern Europe. For the first time we are.

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Such as: As well as many other outstanding experts who star in the world’s top events, the Summit will be held in Bucharest in late October, bringing you no less than days of high-level with some of the best Romanian and international presentations Germany Phone Number List who will attend us, so we always keep our word. Only until today you have the opportunity to buy tickets for the year and month at a cheap price, the price is € VAT for all days of the event! Summit What you need to do to benefit.

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Fill out the registration form by the evening of today (dd). You will receive your tax invoice by email on Monday, month, month. Pay the invoice at the latest by Wednesday, month, month, to benefit from the special offer of Euro VAT. As soon as your payment is Armenia phone number list confirmed, you will receive your entry ticket for month, month, by email. , see you at the most important e-commerce event! How are you? Offer ends today! Black Friday Summit Black Friday Summit View Articles Previous article Winners, Black Friday Digital, Impact Expo Next article Romania’s delivery services have reached Western levels, but at much lower prices Interview ş Video Leave a comment Your email address.



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