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Main Product Categories Sold in the Year and Average Order Value the Main Product Categories Sold Online in the Year (Exclud E-retail) Are: Series Products (Such as: and Components, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Electronic Products and Household Appliances , .) Fashion and auty Products (Cloth, Footwear, Accessories, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Watches, Etc.); Home and Decorative Products, Books, and Children’s Products (From Toys to Strollers, Cloth, Consumables and Other Children’s Products).

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But Accord to Estimates From Major Players, the Fashion Vertical is Grow Rapidly and Will Overtake Collections in Approximately 00. In Recent Years, It Has come the Lead Product Category Sold Online in Terms of Sales Volume Generat. Additionally, the Home Décor Product Philippines Phone Number List Category Has Huge Growth Potential. An Important Feature of the Year Was the Increase in the Value of Products Purchas Online, as  Tend to Purchase tter Quality Products. Additionally, the Numr of Products Per Purchase and the Impli Average Transaction Value Have Also Increas. In the Electronics Sector, the Average Basket.

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Value Increases From Ron Per Year

To Above Ron Per Year, and at Certain Times of the Year (for Example: Black Friday) the Value Approaches or Even Exces the Ron Threshold. In Addition, the Average Shopp Basket in the Fashion Sector Has Also Seen a Significant Increase, From Ron 0 to Ron 000 in 018, Depend Colombia phone number list on the Time of Year and the Type of Products Sold (Where the Brand Value Lies) Higher Versus Non- Brand Lower Value Products). In the Home Decoration Category, the Average Value of Transactions is Similar to That in Years, Respectively Approximately Lei. In the Case of Online Bookstores, the Average Value of the Shopp.



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